The Meadow Lane Bus Conversion

Meadow Lane is thrilled to announce that God has blessed us with a new form of transportation. We have purchased an MCI 102C3 for our travels and we are excited to get started on the renovation. There is a ton of work to be done and we welcome anyone who would like to help. 

The coach was originally a Charter bus as you can see and is still seated at the moment, but soon those seats will be gone and the inside gutted so that we can custom build the interior to our needs. 

With God’s help and your support we plan to have the coach in use by late spring. This will require many items that are somewhat costly, but necessary to make the coach feasible to be driven across the country. 

If you would like to sew a seed into our ministry this is a great way to do so. We are accepting donations for the conversion. Any amount is acceptable and God will bless you for it. Remember the woman that gave all she had, even though it wasn't much, God blessed her abundantly for it. 

Thankfully the bus is mechanically sound and needs very little work on engine/transmission/drivetrain other than a routine oil  and filter change. We will be visiting a tire shop just for clarification that the tires are in date and free from any problems.

As mentioned before, the components needed to put this coach in service are costly. One of the very first needs is a generator to supply power for air conditioners, refrigerator, microwave and any other appliance that will be used. Generators alone are around $5,000 to $7,000 not including installation expenses. 

Of course there will be many other necessary items and procedures in the future to convert this coach into a useful tool for our ministry. If you would like to donate specific items or services to this cause you may do so by emailing us at or call our office at 423-505-6956. There we can discuss your contribution further.

Meadow Lane has always operated solely upon the contributions and support of our fans and friends as they have been directed by God to supply. If God is directing you to do so, please click the donate button below to make a contribution to the bus conversion fund. God will surely bless you for it and we would appreciate your donation no matter how big or small.

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Initial Coach Pictures