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The Publican and the Pharissee

Written by: Jeff Steele

Verse 1

Two men went to church one Sunday morning
The sun was shining bright above their heads
One of them, went running to the altar
He did not bow, he just looked up and said
Lord I wanna take this time to thank you
For I am nothing like this other man
For he is a sinner and so needy
He's not like me, He's a Publican
Lord I guess that's all I have to say
God just turned and looked the other way

Verse 2

The other man stood up and he came forward
With tear filled eyes he said Lord I have come
I'm not deceived, I know I am a sinner
I've come confessing, all the wrong I've done
Lord I know without You I am nothing
And it's only by Your mercy that I am saved
So thanks for taking time to hear the needy
To You I am a debtor and a slave
Unlike the first, he was not a proud man
God was surely smiling down on him


For the well do not need a physician
And those who have it all don't need a hand
So when you feel you're chief among all sinners
On this one thing, you always can depend
To every broken sinner, God's a friend

Repeat Chorus


To every broken sinner, God's a friend